Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trade Me Anything X #1

The first trade of the tenth edition of Trade Me Anything made its way to me this weekend. Due to the overly generous heft of the package and my busy schedule, I'm finally getting around to showing it off. Like a drunk Scotsman, it's time to lift and dangle. P-town Tom sent this bunch of awesome stuff.

#US67 Blake Snell and #US281 Anthony Rizzo

Shut the Box Game
The last time I can remember seeing this was in the lake cabin my family would rent for a week when I was a kid. It was in this mysterious back room of a place in Redgranite, WI, among an operational gum ball machine, a shitload of rubber neon fishing lures, and a dartboard. I think my family will have fun playing this, especially if Daddy can win some wagered allowance money back from his kids, those easy marks.

Pizza Puzzle
I like pizza. I like puzzles. The last puzzle I did was before children. It was a panoramic view of Times Square.

Lot of 54 1993 Topps Gold Cards
Woo-hoo! That knocked a HUGE chunk out of my want list. Probably my favorite part of the trade.

A Random Bunch of Cards
Most of the cards fit the theme of either "patriotic" or "sexy." Some both.

Two 2010 Topps Cereal Boxes...

...filled with old packs of cards!
Most of these packs are from sets I'm currently trying to piece together. Maybe I'll hit a string of good luck and get some of the cards I need.

Two John Grisham Paperbacks
The last Grisham novel I've read was The King of Torts. I hope to find the time to jump into one of these soon.

TMA-X is off to a terrific start. Thanks, Tom!


Tony Burbs said...

Those Michael Jordan valentines are superb! I'm surprised that more, similar products haven't ended up on the market.

P-town Tom said...

I had that package sealed up and ready to shipped and then the next morning I remembered you were working on that 1993 Gold Topps set. I'm not sure what triggered that memory, but I'm glad it was worth opening and resealing the box.
I thought for sure the Iditarod sledding card would have been your favorite! Oh well... :)