Saturday, December 17, 2016

Trade Me Anything X #2

Yes, TMA X is still going on. I got a nice little envelope from Kerry in Rose City at least a week ago. This is what Saturdays are for.

#TF-2 Yadier Molina Franklin Insert

(A bit of an editorial here: I kind of feel like an advertising insert like this is sort of gross. Yes, the product involved has a direct connection to baseball, but it feels wrong to have this be a card you paid for. Topps certainly didn't pass the savings on to us as a result of this endorsement deal. I say that you should be able to write to Topps and request a free set of these inserts. Seems fair, right?)

Kerry sent a nice eclectic stack of cards. Here are some of my favorites:
2014 Topps Update Series #US-167 Jeff Francoeur
Alright, one knocked off my Most Wanted list! Down to one left to finish that set.

A Pair of Giannis Antetokounmpo Cards
It's kind of neat to have the coolest player is the sport on your team. He's not necessarily the best, but he's the shiny new toy that all of the other teams would die to have. I've experienced this only with Brett Favre for long stretches of time. Maybe Ron Dayne on the Badgers circa 2000? Molitor during his hitting streak in 1987, or Rob Deer earlier that year? Someone needs to compile an "It Guy" timeline for every major sport.

2005-06 Upper Deck Portraits #SS-JM Jamaal Magloire Scrapbook Swatches
A decidedly less cool player. I have zero recollection of Magloire being on the Bucks.

2016 ASPCA #182 Flemish Giant Rabbit
Yessssssss, my lagamorphs subset is complete! Seriously, though, this is part of a 200-card set sold at Target this year. Thumbs up to adhering to the Trade Me Aynthing spirit.

1987 MLB Pins Offer
"Only" $3.50 each. That's $7.44, adjusted for inflation. Thanks, but I'll pass on collecting the whole set and pay my rent instead.

2007 Topps Distinguished Service #DS30 Richard Bong

While Wisconsin-born "Dick" Bong is not the legendary figure he should be here in his home state, a sign with his name on it sure is. Located about 40 miles southwest of Milwaukee is the Bong Recreation Area, a part of the state parks system. There's a sign indicating which freeway exit to take to arrive there, and it's become an integral part of stoner culture here. Sure, it's about as unsophisticated as a joke can get, but you could earn some local creed by wearing this T-shirt.

Thanks for the trade, Kerry! RCTID

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madding said...

Magloire was also a Trail Blazer for a forgettable season and will someday tell his grandkids he was an NBA All-Star, but I'm sure they won't believe him.