Monday, January 9, 2017

Top Pulls of 2016: #4

2016 Topps WWE Heritage John Cena Event-Used Shirt Relic Silver Parallel (03/50)

From: Blaster Box

Why I Like It:
John Cena is currently one of the most polarizing figures in the business, and I am firmly on the "Let's go, Cena" side of things. His presence elevates any match or feud he is in, period. Some say that he's just there for the little kids, but I would contend that there needs to be someone like that in the company. My three-year-old son is just tangentially aware of wrestling, but he certainly knows John Cena. When I ask him what he knows about Cena, he replies, "Uh, he wears a blue hat." His iconography is organic and cannot be replicated. I can remember nearly fifteen years ago kids in the class I was teaching would come to school with a cheap chain around their necks with a padlock on it. His transcendence of the sport is staggering, and I'm thrilled to own a card with a piece of his shirt on it. Plus, getting a card of this quality as your guaranteed hit in a blaster is certainly not the norm. Usually it's a Curtis Axel mat relic or some such thing. This... better.


Kin Kinsley said...

Congrats! I was able to get a Kiss Card out of mine as well as a Sami Zayn numbered autograph (I think /50). I've always had good luck with Topps WWE product. There's a good amount of value if you need/want to move anything on the secondary market.

-kin (

Thorzul said...

Cool, Kin. Who was the Kiss card of?

RAZ said...

I'm a John Cena fan as well. Nice hit!