Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top Pulls of 2016: Honorable Mention

This year my Top 5 Pulls seemed to be fairly well-defined until a pair of late-in-the-year events threw everything out of whack. I had a surprise fortuitous December as a result of a spur-of-the-moment Black Friday purchase that pushed everything one rung down the ladder. What I ended up with was a stack of six cards that stood above all the rest. Unfortunately, one had to be left out of the Top 5 proper. Let's start with that card.

Card: 2014 Topps MLS Chrome #IF-MB Michael Bradley In Form Black Printing Plate (1/1)

From: Hobby Box

Why It Didn't Make the Top 5:
While Michael Bradley had been one of the most reliable players for the United States Men's National Team, he has definitely faltered in recent years. The USMNT needs him to be the straw that stirs the drink, and as of late, it's been a weak-ass watered down impotent potable. When it came time where the national team needed a solid performance, Bradley has looked lost, far from the form he demonstrated at the 2010 World Cup. The Gold Cup, the playoff against Mexico for the 2017 Confederations Cup, and the first couple of 2018 WCQ matches have been lackluster. There was light at the end of the tunnel for his club team, Toronto FC, who went to the MLS Cup final, but he was ineffective in the championship game. Ordinarily a printing plate featuring a major star would make the cut, but this year was special.

Lots of good stuff coming up in the next few days. Watch this space!

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Fuji said...

Nice. I don't know a lot of MLS players outside of SJ Earthquakes players... but I recognized Bradley instantaneously. Can't wait to see the Top 5.