Sunday, January 8, 2017

Trade Me Anything X #3

This trade package came from Daniel at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop.

Giving: #ASTIT-PG Paul Goldschmidt Event-Worn Workout Jersey

Before moving on the the getting, I must say that Goldschmidt has become a "That Guy Again" for me. If I ever take the time to look at a checklist of possible hits, I mentally categorize the possibilities. There are epic fails, epic wins, and everything else falls in between. Getting a Goldschmidt is always a worst case scenario to me, and he's almost always the guy I receive. I don't dislike the player, but he's just totally irrelevant to me. I'm sure there are Brewers players who fit into the same category for other collectors, and I'm happy they do. I'm also happy that this card gets a good home.

A Bunch of Brewers (and a Buck)

Some AUTOS (Mostly Minor Leaguers)

Smokey Bear Bookmark
Very cool!

Two Lord of the Rings Magnetic Picture Frames
Lots of future fridge fun.

Fun stuff, Daniel. Hope you enjoy the Goldschmidt!

1 comment:

Daniel Wilson said...

So happy to add this Goldschmidt card to my collection! Glad I was able to find some stuff for you in return!