Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trade Me Anything X #5

Tonight's trade comes from David. I've been sitting on this one way too long. Sometimes life sneaks up on you like that. Let's see what went down.

#US157 Jameson Taillon, #US157 Jameson Taillon Rainbow Parallel, #59 Steven Brault

Sealed Pack of Vintage Puffy WWF Stickers
Oh my goodness! Such a cool item. I think the Jake the Snake one is my favorite of the bunch.

Pack of Topps Growing Pains Cards
Ten cents??? A steal!
Although I am seeing a trend here. Both things feature a guy who died very recently. R.I.P. Snuka and Thicke.

Pack of 1991 Maxx Race Cards

Pack of 1990-91 Upper Deck Hockey Cards

'80s Football Cards

A note on the McMahon. I definitely had a couple of these in my early collecting days. I can remember checking out a rudimentary book about card collecting from the library. One of its suggestions was that you punch holes in your cards and run a string through them and hang that string on the wall. Well, I did just that, and the Bears QB was part of that set-up. A pretty stupid idea in hindsight, since I ended up having to tape the cards in place on the string because of the slide factor. Nothing remotely valuable got ruined, I think.

Awesome 1980 Topps Cards from my Want List

Awesome stuff, David! Thanks for your patience, too.