Friday, March 17, 2017

Pull the Trigger 17.1 ($25)

This is the resurrection of Pull the Trigger. For any neophytes out there, this is where I put a set price, in this case $25, on a bunch of stuff I have for sale. Every so often, I add something to the pile, but the price stays the same. You can pull the trigger whenever you want by stating your intention in the comments.

I've got my eye on a couple of things I want, but don't need, on eBay. I can justify the purchase by moving some cards out of the house.

Three HOFers from 1991 Stadium Club

This is a trio you can't go wrong with, a pair of first-ballot shoo-ins, and a guy who made it in on his 14th try. 1991 Stadium Club still looks great, especially with the rookie card photos on the backs.

Pull the trigger for $25 if you have money to burn. If not, stay tuned for some even better stuff.

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