Sunday, March 12, 2017

Trade Me Anything X #6

I'm guessing this will be the final TMA X post. Reader Justin made a request in February, and I'm just getting to this now. Long-form storytelling is my forte, though this is redefining the term to suit my proclivities.

First Pitch Jake Gyllenhaal, Brady Kahle, and Craig Sager

Sager was the man. The world is worse off without him.

A bunch of 2003 Topps League Leaders cards

This was one of those, "Are these from my want list?" times. Yes, they indeed were. I think I accumulated the majority of the set in a bulk lot several years ago, and whoever the previous owner was cherry picked the stars out of it. Bastard! Thanks, Justin, for filling in a big hole in my set. Those are some pretty outstanding groupings, looking back 14 years now. The backs of the cards list the top 10 for each category, and not a single Brewer made the list. Not surprising, 2002 was the rock-bottom Royster-led year, 61-101. Never again, please.

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Zpop said...

I'm totally still sending my trade me anything. Sometime. I've figured out where some of the stuff I want to send is after our move. It's coming, really.