Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pull the Trigger 18.7 ($25)

2005 Topps Pristine Ozzie Smith College Years (1158/1999)

Have a look at the young kid, will ya. We've gotten used to seeing Ozzie in white, red, powder blue, mustard yellow, and poop brown over the years, so this green uniform is an unusual look. It can be yours if you pull the trigger now.

Lot of 40 2013 Topps MLS Base Cards + 1 Insert

2007 Topps Heritage Then & Now Jim Bunning / Anibal Sanchez

Brent Butler / Billy Hall AUTOS

2004 Leaf Limited Team Trademarks Rod Carew (049/100)

1994 Upper Deck World Cup Honorary Captains Calbert Cheaney

Lot of 7 2007 Topps Chrome Cards

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