Saturday, October 28, 2017

Trade Me Anything XI Has Arrived!

My annual box of Topps Update Series arrived this week. This means that it's time for you to pick at its carcass. Some pretty good stuff available this year. All the extra crap Topps throws into a box finally makes sense in a situation like this, but only in this situation.

You want in? Here's what to do:

1. Check out the list of available cards below. Select one (or a couple) you want. Just remember, the more you claim, the better your trade material should be.
2. Send me an email with your choice of card(s) at or DM me on Twitter @THORZUL
Please don't leave a request comment on the blog. This just confuses people, so don't do it, it will just be deleted and will not count.
3. I will reply to you as to the card's availability. First come, first serve. I will include my mailing address.
4. When I confirm the card of your choice, pick out one or more of your own cards or anything else you want to send me. A few guidelines about what you can't send: Nothing that should really be in the garbage, nothing perishable, and nothing illegal. (Notice I didn't say nothing immoral.) I've got a want list you could check out, too!
5. Send me whatever is was you picked out. Don't tell me what it is before you send it, I'd like to have it be a surprise! Include a SASE or you won't be getting your card.
6. When I receive your item, I will take a picture of the trade materials and post the happy couple on my blog, and then I will send you the card.

Here are the cards you may choose from. Cards that have officially been claimed are in BOLD.

6 Ramon Torres - Royals
18 Mookie Betts - Red Sox (Zpop)
33 Salvador Perez - Royals
99 Aaron Judge - Yankees (Turrdog)
116 Tyler Glasnow - Pirates
142 Tzu-Wei Lin - Red Sox (Jon)
180 Mike Moustakas - Royals
185 Birds in the Garden - Cardinals
214 Cody Bellinger - Dodgers (gcrl)
219 Paul DeJong - Cardinals (David)
270 Gary Sanchez - Yankees
283 Adam Eaton - Nationals (Zpop)
284 Peter Bourjos - Rays

Gold Parallel (#/2017)
30 Danny Ortiz - Pirates
71 Junichi Tazawa - Marlins (Jon)
142 Tzu-Wei Lin - Red Sox (David)
192 Jacob May - White Sox
284 Peter Bourjos - Rays

Rainbow Foil Parallel
20 Jason Vargas - Royals
128 Ervin Santana - Twins (gcrl)
224 Wade Davis - Cubs
248 Ender Inciarte - Braves

1987 Topps 30th Anniversary
6 Starlin Castro - Yankees
13 Mitch Haniger - Mariners
21 Matt Wieters - Nationals (Zpop)
27 Jesse Winker - Reds (Jason)

Topps Salute
4 Francisco Lindor - Indians (Timoth)
13 Tim Anderson - White Sox
22 Manny Margot - Padres (gcrl)
39 Nomar Mazara - Rangers
44 Randall Grichuk - Cardinals (David)

6 Tom Glavine - Braves
9 Felix Hernandez - Mariners (Steve)
23 Tom Seaver - Mets (Timoth)
29 Whitey Ford - Yankees (Timoth)

All-Rookie Cup
28 Dustin Pedroia - Red Sox (Zpop)
33 Justin Verlander - Tigers

Photo Variations
20 Mike Trout - Angels (S1) (Shane)
244 Freddie Freeman - Braves (S1)
299 Yulieski Gurriel - Astros (S1) (Marc)
156 Yu Darvish - Rangers (US) (Jon)

Retired Player Variation
43 Johnny Bench - Reds (Jason)
77 George Brett - Royals
87 Roger Clemens - Red Sox (Shane)
162 Greg Maddux - Braves

MLB Network
21 Matt Yallof

All-Star Jersey Relic
Mike Moustakas - Royals (Zpop)

Hank Aaron Award Manu-Relic
Buster Posey - Giants (ARPSmith)

Original Stock Parallel (#/99)
57 Charged-Up Battery - Blue Jays

Rediscover Topps
1984 Lee Lacy - Pirates
1988 Jay Baller - Cubs
1989 Ken Patterson - White Sox
1991 Ron Kittle - Orioles
1999 Eric Milton - Twins (Zpop)
2014 David Freese - Cardinals (Kerry)