Sunday, December 17, 2017

2017 Card-vent Calendar: December 17

December 17, 2017:
2016-17 Panini Absolute Basketball #141 Lucius Allen (220/999)

You know, I think we in Milwaukee are being sold a bill of goods on this Bucks team. National media outlets have been picking the Bucks to be this sleeper darling dark horse that's going to contend for the Eastern Conference championship very soon. Our record doesn't look much different than the last few years, when we hover around the final playoff spot, the holding pattern of death in today's NBA. First round playoff exit or just missing the playoffs, you get a shitty first round draft pick, and then repeat for fifteen years. We're good enough to beat anybody in the league, but on Friday we lost to a can of expired creamed corn in the Chicago Bulls.

Giannis can't do it all. Would a guard like Lucius Allen help? Probably not. NBA is rigged, you know.

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