Sunday, December 24, 2017

2017 Card-vent Calendar: December 24

December 24, 2017:
2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond #24 Sean Casey

Another Card-vent draws to a close. It's amazing to think that I've done this eleven times. This card is the 264th ever to be featured for Card-vent. That's a card a day from January 1 to September 21. That's 72.3% of a calendar. And let that number be your guide.

Sean Casey wasn't a pleasant, caring individual for 72.3% of the time. He was committed to being the nicest guy he could be 100% of the time. Let's all resolve to be a little more like Sean Casey for 2018. The world will be a better place for it. Strike up a conversation with a random stranger. Compliment a food service worker on their hard work. Offer a cold beverage to your letter carrier in July, and a hot cocoa in February. Thank any person who watches over your children when you are not around. This is no longer modeled to us, so we need to do it ourselves.

Have a Merry Christmas! Thank you for spending a few moments reading these words.

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P-town Tom said...

Nice message for a Christmas Day. Well done.