Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Trade Me Anything XI: #11

I made it through the Card-vent season, so now I can finally get to a trade that's been sitting in my dining room for weeks. It comes from the post-series-finale blogger GCRL, and it actually evokes some bittersweet emotions. My wife's parents moved from St. Paul to a small town just on the Wisconsin side of the border in the past year. This means I probably won't be passing by the big water tower with the name of Jim's community of Woodbury painted on it very often. Let's see what will be exchanged.

#US128 Ervin Santana Rainbow Foil Parallel, #US214 Cody Bellinger, #USS-22 Manny Margot Topps Salute

Some 1988 Topps Wantlist Cards

Always appreciated.

Brewers Young Talent

The backbone of a team that will soon go deep into the postseason? We'll see.

2017 Topps Update #US206 Partners in Pop, 1992 Fleer #708 Robin Yount Pro-Visions

That's one for the Braun binder, so that's nice. And it goes without saying that I have a deep affinity for this Yount card. I actually would love it if a mystery could be solved. Back in the halcyon days of card blogging, someone posted this card, and a bit of commentary accompanied it. I'm not sure if it was a comment or it was in the body of the text itself, but someone dropped a brilliant line: "Robin Yount loved vision quests." I wish I could find the original use of this phrase so I could properly thank its author.

Thanks for the cards, Jim, they will be heading your way soon!

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gcrl said...

Looking forward to tma xii!