Sunday, January 28, 2018

Pull the Trigger 19.7 ($60)

2010 Rittenhouse Star Trek Hilary Hayes AUTO

This card might not be for everybody, but maybe the right person will see this and want to pull the trigger. I'll wait. Maybe while I'm waiting I'll go to the library and see if they have a copy of First Contact. Probably not, though. Haven't seen it since it was in the theater.

2005 Bowman Sterling Andrew McCutchen AUTO/Jersey Rookie

1971 Topps Rod Carew

2007 Triple Threads Don Mattingly Emerald Parallel (011/239)

Jason Giambi Patch-Jersey-Hat (12/35)

2002 Fleer Tradition Update Ken Griffey, Jr. Plays of the Week Insert

Lot of 28 1974 Topps Football Cards

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Top Pulls of 2017: #1

2016 Topps WWE Heritage Roman Reigns AUTO Silver Parallel (31/50)

From: Hobby Box

Why I Like It:
While he's not my current favorite wrestler (I vacillate between Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens), Roman Reigns is undeniably the face of WWE. Let's put it this way: Pretend that current card production practices were being used back in the 1980s. This is the equivalent of pulling a Hulk Hogan AUTO back then, had you been able to do such a thing. I still feel like Reigns has a shot at being a crossover movie star. While his charisma is obviously not up to the Rock's level, he has the look of someone you could build a franchise around.

Could the signature use some work? Sure. And remember: It's not a good card. It's not a bad card. It's THE card.

(Note to self: Try buying some baseball cards in 2018, jerky.)

Monday, January 15, 2018

Pul the Trigger 19.6 ($60)

Yes, I realize this pile of cards has been sitting here for four months. The selling bug has bitten again. Here's what it wants you to have.

Lot of 28 1974 Topps Football Cards

Condition commensurate with age. Some duplicates will appear.

If you have an extra sixty bucks lying around, all you see here can be yours.

2005 Bowman Sterling Andrew McCutchen AUTO/Jersey Rookie

1971 Topps Rod Carew

2007 Triple Threads Don Mattingly Emerald Parallel (011/239)

Jason Giambi Patch-Jersey-Hat (12/35)

2002 Fleer Tradition Update Ken Griffey, Jr. Plays of the Week Insert

Top Pulls of 2017: #2

2017 Topps WWE Heritage Bret "Hit Man" Hart Bronze AUTO (82/99)

From: Hobby Box

Why I Like It:
The Excellence of Execution
On-Card AUTO
Nickname Inscription
1987 Topps
The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Top Pulls of 2017: #3

2014 Panini Prizm World Cup #S-MK Mario Kempes AUTO

From: Hobby Box

Why I Like It:
So I went back to the well again. Oddly enough, I haven't even been able to finish the Panini Prizm World Cup base set yet. Getting an auto in a box makes it worth the trouble. Kempes might not be one of the bigger names on the checklist, but it's still cool to have. Back in high school I wrote an IB Americas paper about how the government in Argentina basically rounded up as many political dissidents and threw away the key in order to project a harmonious image to the rest of the world during the 1978 World Cup. I'm not sure how well the topic matched what we were studying at the time, but my teacher let it go. In any case, I scored high enough on the IB History exam that I only had to take one history class in college.

Those iconic blue-and-white shirts, too.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Trade Me Anything XI: #12

Here it is, what looks to be the final trade of the eleventh edition of Trade Me Anything. The caboose to this year's train of fury was supplied by my man Zpop. He sent a huge mailing envelope. Let's pry it open and see what's in it.

#ASR-MM Mike Moustakas All-Star Stitches

#US87-21 Matt Wieters 1987 Topps 30th Anniversary

#ARC-28 Dustin Pedroia All-Rookie Cup

#US283 Adam Eaton and #US18 Mookie Betts

1999 Topps #156 Eric Milton Rediscover Topps Buyback

2016 Topps #672 Shane Peterson Cyan Printing Plate (1/1)

Whoa! This automatically makes my box of Update a winner. Could you imagine opening a plain old box of cards and getting a bunch of books and CDs and movies and cards off your want list and a printing plate of a guy from your team? Awesome.

2013 Topps Triple Threads #TTRC-SBG Jean Segura/Ryan Braun/Yovani Gallardo Jersey/Bat Relic (11/36)

Very nice! Plus, we're getting Yovani back this year. Let's hope we can successfully uninstall his updates and reinstall his 2011 software.

Willie & Me by Dan Gutman

I'd bring this to school to add to my classroom library, but that would just be wasting it. It would go untouched for decades, and when it would finally be picked up, its pages would be ripped out to construct little paper balls to be thrown at one another.

12-Piece Brewers School Supply Set

My kids are going to love using this stuff. It actually fits well with one of their Christmas presents. I bought the two older ones a membership in the Brewers Kids Crew. For a little over $30, they each got a nice drawstring backpack, a button-up jersey, a big Brewers flag, socks, and six vouchers for game tickets. Best deal in town!

Oh man, what a great trade to end the season! It's a bittersweet moment, but now we can start making plans for TMA XII.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Top Pulls of 2017: #4

Card: 2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad #M21 Saul Goodman Authentic Wardrobe

From: Hit Parade Pop Culture Box

Why I Like It:
Online retailer Dave & Adam's Card World sells a product in multiple sports called Hit Parade. Whatever the configuration, they put together boxes that just contain the "hits." They had a good price on a pop culture Hit Parade box this past summer, and I decided to check one out. I'd say that I probably made my money back on the box, and this was my favorite card in the bunch. I was an avid Breaking Bad viewer as well as a fan of Bob Odenkirk. Plus... pink swatch! First time I got one in that color, I believe. Kind of weird, though, that Bob's name appears nowhere on the card. (Full disclosure: I've not yet watched an episode of Better Call Saul.)

Friday, January 5, 2018

Top Pulls of 2017: #5

Card: 2016 Panini National VIP #50 Brett Favre Pulsar Prizm Parallel

From: National VIP Pack

Why I Like It:
I say this just about every year, but a lot of what makes a great pull has everything to do with expectations. My local card shop has had some sort of presence at the National Convention for the past few years, and they always come back with a bunch of VIP packs for sale. I gambled on a couple of these, mostly hoping to hit a crazy card of a soccer star, but realizing that the odds were not great. In a two-card pack, you're just hoping for something other than a pair of base cards. One of my packs was exactly that, but the other held Wisconsin's greatest sports hero. Believe me, Favre is still mega-huge around these parts. The shininess of this parallel makes for a great looking card, and should I ever get tired of owning this, I can flip it for a little more than the cost of the pack. It's a card at the banana pepper level of the Scoville Card Heat Scale, but this Milwaukee boy likes it. Look forward to the capsaicin level to rise quickly.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Top Pulls of 2017: Honorable Mention

That week you go back to school after Christmas break is the absolute worst. Really, the feeling stops just short of full-blown suicidal. The weather sucks, the kids suck, it's dark all the time, and I'm tracking balsam needles everywhere I go. There's a big empty spot in my living room, and I'll try to fill it with last year's cards.

Last year, collecting went well enough that I was able to include an honorable mention post for cards that, while great, didn't make it in my Top 5. I've decided to do it again this year, mostly because if I was doing a completely transparent list, I'd run the real risk that all five would be wrestling cards. That would just look a bit tacky, but that's what happens when the only baseball box I bought all year was the annual Card-vent Update Series box. Not a lot of wax ripped in Thorzul Haus this year, but I'd have to say that what I did open certainly paid off. Let's take a look at pulls six through eight, in no particular order.

2016 Topps WWE Heritage Dasha Fuentes Kiss Card (74/99)

First Kiss Card I ever got, but to be honest, I'm more of a Charlie Caruso guy.

2016 Topps WWE Heritage #19 John Cena Gold Parallel (11/99)

I still think the world of Cena. The photo used for this card trips me out. Cena with Xavier Woods in AA position? This was probably from the period when the New Day was still wrestling heel, and not at all over with the crowd.

2017 Topps WWE Heritge #30 Roman Reigns Silver Parallel (04/25)

He's the man. I hereby resolve to pay closer attention to Roman Reigns matches and buy one of his T-shirts in 2018.

Thanks for reading, the headier stuff will be posted soon.