Friday, January 5, 2018

Top Pulls of 2017: #5

Card: 2016 Panini National VIP #50 Brett Favre Pulsar Prizm Parallel

From: National VIP Pack

Why I Like It:
I say this just about every year, but a lot of what makes a great pull has everything to do with expectations. My local card shop has had some sort of presence at the National Convention for the past few years, and they always come back with a bunch of VIP packs for sale. I gambled on a couple of these, mostly hoping to hit a crazy card of a soccer star, but realizing that the odds were not great. In a two-card pack, you're just hoping for something other than a pair of base cards. One of my packs was exactly that, but the other held Wisconsin's greatest sports hero. Believe me, Favre is still mega-huge around these parts. The shininess of this parallel makes for a great looking card, and should I ever get tired of owning this, I can flip it for a little more than the cost of the pack. It's a card at the banana pepper level of the Scoville Card Heat Scale, but this Milwaukee boy likes it. Look forward to the capsaicin level to rise quickly.

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Fuji said...

Beautiful card. Always nice to see Favre make a Top 5 list.