Tuesday, March 20, 2018

$10 Scumbucket Grab Bag 2.8

Boggs, Canseco, and McGee

Putting aside the fact that 1990 Fleer makes up 32% of our nation's landfills, the Players of the Decade subset has actually aged quite well. And with the Boggs and McGee, you're getting a couple of cards with a lot of italicized numbers on the back. (And one diamond. In 1989 Boggs tied with Rickey Henderson for runs scored with 113. Damn, I miss complete career stats on the back.)

I decided to look back at the stats upon seeing McGee's 1985 MVP season. He had a WAR of 8.2 and made $475,000. Then I pulled those of a guy who I thought might be comparable, Aaron Judge. Judge made $544,500 last year and earned a WAR of 7.2. Let's do some division.

Dollars per WAR point:
McGee: $57,927
Judge: $75,625

Looks like McGee is still the better value.
But if we adjust for inflation (using October values in the players' respective years), do we get a different story?

McGee's dollars per WAR point adjusts to $113,448 in 2017 dollars.
Kind of puts Judge's season in perspective. We'll see if he can continue at this pace.

2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Future of the Franchise Casey Gillaspie Blue Parallel (80/99)

Lot of 4 2010 Topps Chrome Daniel McCutchen

1980 Topps #241 Checklist: 122-242

1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes Gibson, Paige, and Bell

2005 Bowman Heritage Ronnie Belliard & Bobby Abreu

2016 Panini National VIP Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, and Mark McGwire

2015 Donruss Seydou Doumbia Press Proof (76/99)

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