Sunday, November 25, 2018

Trade Me Anything XII #5

Legendary thrifter and longtime Twitter buddy @SRUCHRIS requested my mailing address but no cards. Sometimes the pull of Trade Me Anything is just too strong to resist. He sent a huge box crammed full of stuff. It would take me weeks to inventory the entire trade, so I just set it all out and took a picture. Let's take a literal page from the I SPY series of children's books and see if you can find the following items:
-California Raisins 1988 Christmas Coffee Mug
-Geto Boys "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" Cassingle
-Atari 2600 E.T. Cartridge
-Robin Yount Card #/25
-Kofi Kingston Action Figure
-Breakin' Out VHS
-Two (2) Women's Watches
-Lobo Convention Special Comic Book (Bastich!)

There's so much more than that, including a ton of didn't-pan-out NFL rookie cards and a 2016 Apex MLS base set. I'm sure within the next year I'll send a similar box back. Fun stuff!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Trade Me Anything XII #4

There has been quite the delay between TMA posts, in case you've noticed. That's what happens when report card time intersects with field trip preparation intersects with Thanksgiving. I'm back in the land of Steven Avery now, so now it's time to go forth and do God's work. This trade comes from David in San Diego.

#83-20 1983 Topps Anniversary Tommy Pham

#US263 Brian Dozier Rainbow Foil

#US269 Francisco Mejia and #US12 Miles Mikolas

The Fugitive and Casino Royale DVDs
Too bad I have both of these already (including Casino Royale on Blu-ray). Great movies.

1990 Topps Traded Set
1990 Topps was the first set I ever pieced together by hand, and now I have its follow-up. Thinking of putting this in pages. Those clashing colors deserve to see the light of day.

1990 Upper Deck High Numbers Set
Ooh, this is another one that's escaped me until now. Still don't have the whole 1-700 set, though. Someday.

Stan Musial Upper Deck Bobblehead

Random Brewers

2014 Topps The Future Is Now #FN-CY1 Christian Yelich
I put it out there on Twitter that the guy on this card is definitely NOT Christian Yelich. No one caught it at the time, because Yelich was still a nobody, but it still doesn't solve the mystery about who is actually pictured here. Any ideas?

Upper Deck Tiger Woods Collection

I love the variety, David! Thanks for an awesome trade!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Northern Inspiration

Ever ask yourself what's been missing from your life? If you're like me, you have, and if you're even more like me, you'd answer with an admission that you're looking for more stress.

Have I lost you yet?

Yes, stress come from caring. If you don't care about something, it will not give you stress. For example, if my Brewers are headed for a 70-92 record, August and September are free of stress. Contrast that with this year's playoff run that caused my blood pressure to spike on a pitch-by-pitch basis. If you care, you stress out.

But what if I crave the stress because I actually want to care about something? If you couldn't read my mind, I'm talking about hockey, folks. While it's a sport I can admire on an objectively athletic basis, I really have no skin in the game. Winter is quickly approaching, and with only five MLS games remaining, NFL not being fun, and basketball not really interesting until playoff time, I am sort of looking for something to fill my cold weekend nights. Televised hockey might indeed be the answer. The problem is, I need a team to cheer for. The time has come to select a team. Let's analyze some distinct clusters of teams, and perhaps we can whittle the NHL down to a single, perfect rooting interest.

This group includes only one team, the Nashville Predators. The local team, the AHL's Milwaukee Admirals, is the farm team for the Preds. As a bonus, one of the WWE's most likable wrestlers, Rusev, is a notable fixture at games, along with his wife, Lana. This may be too obvious a choice, though.

Looking north along the world's longest undefended border, one finds a group of affable franchises. All things being equal, I have always pulled for the Canadian team in a playoff series. Honestly, it's all they have, and it's been about 25 years since one of them has hoisted the Stanley Cup. Throwing on a Leafs or Jets sweater would help make me an honorary Canadian. Plus, I hear wagering on games gets pretty wild up there. It would be wise to go to Betting Top 10, a compilation of the most reliable sports betting sites in Canada. I can think of no better way to spend a frigid Tuesday evening than putting some action on the Oilers as a road dog. Sweet!

These are just the teams who I couldn't possibly cheer for, because either they have already won their fair share in recent years, or they are in a city that has another team I hate. Cross these off the list.

If hockey has no place occurring naturally outdoors in its home city, I put the team here. I actually find it hilarious when these teams win championships. It's a crime against Mother Nature, but for some reason I find it comical.

Successful seasons have been lean in recent years for these teams. Jumping on a nonexistent bandwagon now would earn you cool points aplenty. I could be persuaded to make one of these my team.

I don't wish any of these any specific harm, but I can't see myself as a fan, either.

So there's the reasoning, everybody. Now I just have to make a choice. I'll be hearing opening arguments at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Bring on the stress!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Trade Me Anything XII #3

This year has been a lot of fun so far, so let's hope that continues with this trade from Portand resident Kerry. I believe he gets in on this nearly every year, and despite him being a Cardinals fan, he and I share a kinship with our support of the Portland Timbers.

#US73 Marcell Ozuna Rainbow Foil Parallel

#DB-12 Ozzie Smith Don't Blink

Interesting that both guys could be nicknamed "Oz."

1993 Score Gold Rush Greg Vaughn & Robin Yount
I know this one is already in my Yount PC, but should I ever decide to build the Gold Rush set...

1982 Donruss #28 Rollie Fingers
Nice. Mustache and hair are at championship levels.

1989 Bowman #142 Gary Sheffield
This one will go straight into my oddball-sized Brewers shoebox. Already have the complete Bowman set.

2018 Topps Chrome #105 Travis Shaw Pink Refractor
Hmmmm, BCP does not list pink refractors as one of the parallels. Bob Mueller should look into this.

2018 Topps Big League #29 Christian Yelich
First card from this set for me. I like it.

1983 Topps #183 Mike Caldwell

1990 Baseball Cards Magazine Card Panels
I have the Yount separate, but now he has two friends with him.

NBA Teenymates Pack
So, after opening this trade package, I brought my five-year-old son over to open it. I made it painfully clear that if did not pull the Bucks guy, he would have to take all of his meals in the backyard for the next three days.

The first one to pop out of the pack was the Rockets. I saw a hint of green, and I just knew it was going to be the Celtics or Timberwolves or something.
But it was the Bucks! Nice hit from an unopened pack. Kerry, I don't know how you worked that magic, but it sure was great! (Please don't tell me it has something to do with a blind bag wrapper production code number or something like that. Just let me believe.)

Thanks for the awesome stuff Kerry! Hope to still want to send something my way next year. (Maybe some sort of Timbers trinket?)

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Trade Me Anything XII #2

Blog reader Matt stepped up to the plate to trade me anything at all. Let's check it out.

1983 Topps 35th Anniversary Refractor #130 Dustin Pedroia

#SA-AE Austin Meadows Topps Salutes AUTO

2017 Topps #628 Domingo Santana Gold Parallel (0167/2017)
Yeah! This guy was pretty good pinch hitting down the stretch and in the playoffs. Hopefully he will continue to get better. Nice card.

2010 The Homestand DVD
Never even seen one of these before. You'd think I would see one at a local card show or something. Maybe I'll give this a watch one of these nights.

Lot of 3 1988 Topps
When my want list for a set gets down to a manageable number, I start to look up the names of exactly who I need. I guess one of those is Robin Yount. I've probably got about 10 copies of this card, but I appreciate Matt checking out my want list.

2010 Bowman #BPA-JS Josh Sale AUTO
A Ray for a Ray, I guess?

Brewers Necklace and Glow-in-the-Dark MLB Teenymates Umpire
Little Ump will go on the shelf next to Bray Wyatt. They will get along.

Random Brewers

Thanks for all of the cool stuff, Matt!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Trade Me Anything XII #1

I'm back from a waterpark resort in Wisconsin Dells, and now it's time to open the first TMA package to arrive. This one comes from P-town Tom, a longtime participant.

#US190 Mike Montgomery Gold Parallel (1139/2018)

2016 Topps Heritage #467 Christian Yelich Purple Chrome Refractor

2017 Topps Chrome #72 Christian Yelich

Pioneer Ironman Sports Headphones

Very nice trade to kick things off this year. Yelich cards are always appreciated around here, even in a Marlins jersey. As for the headphones, Mrs. Thorzul seems to be constantly on the lookout for a good pair to use while working out. She has had the hardest time trying to find ones that fit her just right, so she will get the first crack at these. As for me, the little white ones you get with every Apple device seem to work just fine.
Thanks for the trade, Tom! Hope to do this again next year.