Thursday, January 3, 2019

Top Pulls of 2018: #3

Card: 2018 Topps Update Series #OTN-KW Kolten Wong Own the Name Letter Patch (1/1)

From: Hobby Box

Why I Like It:
"Like" is a strong word. I like the money I will eventually get by selling this card. I like it that my annual box of Update will probably turn a net profit (between this and the Harper card). I like it that this is most likely an actual letter patch from an actual jersey, although the lawyer-ese on the back casts some doubt upon this supposition. When Indiana Jones barely escapes the poison-tipped darts shot by the Havitos in Raiders of the Lost Ark, he expresses an intense dislike of snakes. Later, when he descends into the Well of Souls, he laments, "Snakes... why did it have to be snakes?"

I say: "Cardinals... why did it have to be a Cardinal?"

Still a pretty damn good pull. Wong seems like a good guy playing for a rotten organization.


P-town Tom said...

That is a pretty nice pull. Congrats!

Fuji said...

Anytime you can turn a box break into a profit... it's a nice box break.

Meela Jasmine said...

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