Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Top Pulls of 2018: #4

Card: 2017 Topps NXT #RA-TC Tommaso Ciampa AUTO

From: Hobby Box

Why I Like It:
Tommaso Ciampa, billed from Milwaukee (but seemingly having no real connection to the city), had one of the most consistently entertaining feuds of the year, against Johnny Gargano. Their work this past year has been worthy of Roman numeral references: Gargano/Ciampa I, Gargano/Ciampa II... the same way some of the heavyweight boxing bouts have been labeled in the past. While the signature itself is lacking, Ciampa can be forgiven for it; the sloppiness does not seep into his matches. Look for big things from Tommaso Ciampa in 2019, whether on the main roster or continuing to develop in NXT.

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